Benedetta Falugi Il Cotone

"Il Cotone" project it's about a small area (called Cotone) of the city of Piombino, in Tuscany, Italy.
I'm trying to tell through photography this industrial quarter, working-class neighborhoods behind a big steel factory in which places and people still permeated by values of solidarity, collective and individual behavior that are still almost of other times.
My grandparents and my dad were born and raised here so I often visited these places when I was a child...I feel a great emotional connection with these places .
It's a work in progress.

Benedetta Falugi is a photographer based in Tuscany, Italy as you can imagine seeing her photographs, she has a special relationship with the sea. Come to the photo starting from antiques, she use almost exclusively analogue machines, drawing inspiration from reality and taking photos capturing situations that seem timeless, as seen in the everyday project being implemented in two working-class neighborhoods of the town of Piombino.
She has always been close to the art world but only by three years she has been dedicated to photography. Now she collaborates with a photo studio and at the same time she carries out her work as a freelancer.

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