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David A. Cory | Revolution


I live in a physical borderland, at the boundary between Indiana and Michigan, and much of my work documents this area. While geography influences my art, I am more interested in a broader definition of borderland as a place where things overlap—an indeterminate area that is hard to define because it contains qualities or features of the overlapping things.

I am approaching the end of a medical career in the specialty of radiology. I have spent most of my adult life analyzing images of the human body. The purpose of medical images is to reflect reality as accurately as possible—to distinguish normal from abnormal. My photography is unconstrained by this strict standard.
In the project “Revolution” I have reordered reality by revolving a simple plastic camera around the axis of the lens, making multiple exposures on each film frame. The juxtapositions and patterns produced by this method become apparent only when the film is developed, in ways that are often pleasantly surprising.


For more, visit: www.flickr.com/photos/davidcory/