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Vanni Pandolfi —New Light

New Light

I need a new, dazzling, pure Light that annihilates spacetime, dissolves it in a purifying white. I need a light never seen before, powerful that floods everything, that decolorizes every existing difference and every duality that generates chaos. I want a light that will annihilate the pollution of the World and the Men. A new light that makes this reality explode and give peace to everything.

I need to escape; in another dimension of peace, calm and light.

I want to pacify inside me, cleanse myself of harmful external inputs. I want silence, isolation; go back to simplicity of nature and emotions because Life is not what we are living. That's an imposed movie.

The research for independence from social mechanisms. Overcoming the dualism of opposites that create internal and external divisions and fractures. I feel the need to fly high and look at the totality of things from above. I want to nourish myself with everything that allows me an inner growth.

Sometimes I feel a feeling of metaphysical understanding and truth that calms me and enlightens me. Like the white light told in the Bardo Thodol. That light that allows you to free yourself from the cycle of life and be reborn in a lotus flower of Buddha's paradise.


I am a self-taught amateur photographer. I have been photographing for many years and I have always done it for myself. I did not study photography in school and I haven't participated in prizes and competitions. Photography has been just for me. I didn't need anything else.

I use photography to talk about what interests me and what is important in my life. I need it to tell others, the world and myself. It rescued me in the darkest time of my life. When I lost all the untruth that surrounded me it was close to me. When I found greater awareness of myself, it captured the entire path taken. Only in the last few years have I started showing everyone my photographs.

For more information visit: www.pandolfivanni.it
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