Tasha Ong  |  Selected Photographs 2010- 2011

Originally from Brunei, Tasha Ong completed her schooling in Singapore and England and received her B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing at Brown University in the U.S. before coming to Europe to study Professional Studio Photography at the Spéos institute in Paris.

Tasha Ong uses the camera as a simple tool to inscribe instances of light, line and form : where a seemingly inchoate reality takes on a structure for an instant like the moment when a formless sound is shaped into a word.

Breaking away from figurative representations, Tasha helps herself to the abundance of texture, light and form provided in her daily surroundings. Certain photographs seem to belong together, linked by strong colours, or else sombre moods, yet each photograph is always conceived as a single unit, as a painter might choose to construct a painting.  Within the pictoral surface of a photograph, each element abandons its usual daily meaning and takes on a new ‘visual’ value- a glass posed on a table becomes a sequence of lines, a shadow carved on the pavement a palpable grey stain.

Working instictively, with an unending amazement for the rich complexity that visual reality offers, Tasha photographs out of wonder for the potential of beauty in everyday life.

For more information, please contact Tasha Ong at: tasha.ong@gmail.com or visit:www.tashaong.com

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