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Jason Houston | Fisheries


For over a decade I've been photographing environmental issues in the context of the people who live in and rely on the exotic places conservationists are working to protect. In the last several years I've focused in on fisheries. Not only is it one of the most critical issues but it's one we're also seeing progress on fixing: Over 90% of the world's 120 million fishers work in small-scale nearshore fisheries and their efforts provide an important source of protein for nearly half the world's population. Yet over 60% of our oceans are critically overfished. Fisheries conservation is complicated by the fact that it's not just an environmental issue but also rapidly becoming a humanitarian one with much of the impact happening in the under-resourced developing tropics. Maintaining the world's fisheries will take a scalable combination of good science, creative policy and management, strategic enforcement, and community engagement.


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