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August 17, 2003

Issue # 2: Halloween Issue ::: October

The second issue of f-stop will have a vaguely Halloween theme. We are looking for images that fit in anyway with this: something spooky, mysterious or dark, costumes, trick-or-treat, Day of the Dead etc.

Submit up to 12 images as jpegs at 72dpi, 600 pixels at most for the longest edge and not less than 330pixels for shortest edge, file size should not exceed 1.5M. You may also submit a url with directions for what images on the site you would like to have considered, please specify. Email: freemilkpress@yahoo.com If you would like to submit prints for consideration please email to get the address to mail them to. If you have any questions or have difficulty sending your images please email.

All entries should be received by September 20, 2003 with an expected publication date of October 1.