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Submission Guidelines :

Issue #22 : : : Animals : : : March | April 2007

The 22nd issue of f-stop will have the theme of Animals All entries for issue #22 should be received by February 15 with an expected publication date of March 1.


Submit up to 12 images as jpegs at 72ppi and 600 pixels FOR THE LONGEST EDGE (for a horizontal picture=width, for a verticle picture=height) . Please be sure to clean up any dust or scratches before you send your files (unless it is intentional).

***Please name the files with your FIRST name OR FIRST name and LAST INITIAL and a number with NO SPACES OR DASHES or non number or letters! (firstname1.jpg, firstname2.jpg etc) If you send links to your images make sure the images are the proper size and have the proper file names as described above.

Email: fstopmagazine@gmail.com

Please include with your submission:

  1. your name
  2. where you are from
  3. the titles for your photographs (in the text of the email not in links or file names)
  4. your email address in the text of the email
  5. a url if you have one, even if you have submitted before.
  6. please include an artist statement/bio for your portfolio

If you have any questions or have difficulty sending your images please email.

If your photograph(s) will be included in the next issue you will be notified by email about a week before the issue goes online.

By submitting photographs for publication in F-Stop Magazine you are stipulating to us that you own copyright to these photographs or have permission from the copyright holder to submit these photographs.

By submitting photos for publication in F-Stop Magazine you are granting F-Stop Magazine a non-exclusive license to use the photograph in its submitted form, subject to re-sizing to fit the magazine format, for publication on the F-Stop website for as long as the website exists. Please note that back issues of F-Stop may remain available in the archive for as long as the website exists.

Should you, for any reason, wish your photographs to be removed from the website, we will make every effort to do so. However, please note also that third parties such as educational institutions, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive this (or any other) website with or without our knowledge. F-Stop Magazine will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any such use.

To repeat, any photographer who is considering publishing or posting their images anywhere online, must be aware that any image that can be seen on a computer screen has been downloaded to that computer and can be saved. If this concerns you in any way, do not submit your images to F-Stop Magazine (or any other site on the web).