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ZelkoN01 ZelkoN02 ZelkoN04 ZelkoN09 ZelkoN11 BruyA1 BruyA2 BruyA3 BruyA4 BruyA5 BruyA10 BruyA11 AnikRahman1 AnikRahman2 Rehana putting jel to his husband's burnt face who is a victim of political violence AnikRahman5 AnikRahman8 Sabina's father in DMC burn unit. AnikRahman11 AnikRahman12 MicahC1 MicahC2 MicahC4 MicahC5 MicahC6 MicahC9 MicahC10 MicahC11 RussR1 RussR3 RussR4 RussR6 RussR8 RussR9 NadiaRR1 NadiaRR6 NadiaRR8 NadiaRR10 AbramD2 AbramD5 AbramD6 AbramD7 AbramD8 AbramD12 IvanC2 IvanC5 IvanC7 Untitled #46 Untitled #133 Untitled #127 AndreyS1 AndreyS4 AndreyS5 AndreyS9 AndreyS10 AnnabelleM1 AnnabelleM2 AnnabelleM3 AnnabelleM4 AnnabelleM5 AnnieC10 AshleyJ1 AshleyJ2 AshleyJ6 AshleyJ11 BruceM1 BruceM3 AlyssaM1 AlyssaM2 AlyssaM3 AlyssaM4 BDan1 BDan2 BDan3 ChloeR1 ChloeR2 ChloeR7 AdamW4 AdamW5 AdamW6 AdamW8 ClaudioN05 ClaudioN01 BogdanS10 BobSC4 BobSC9 BobSC010 DaraS2 DaraS3 DaraS6 DaraS8 CristianaG2 CristianaG3 DanielE7 DanielE11 AiriK3 AiriK5 DanielM9 DavidL3 DavidL5 DavidL8 DavidL10 DebraS1 DebraS3 DebraS5 DebraS11 DunschD4 DunschD10 DunschD11 AlexK3 AlexK5 AlexK6 AlexK8 CharlesB1 CharlesB5 bronwenh1 bronwenh4 EttoreM1 EttoreM4 EttoreM6 EttoreM10 HansH1 HaoyuanR04 HaoyuanR06 HaoyuanR11 HaoyuanR12 AudraO2 AudraO4 AudraO7 AudraO10 AudraO12 Heidi Vantassel-1 Heidi Vantassel-7 AnnieC11 AnnieC12 AngelaN1 AngelaN4 AngelaN8 CarlyK1 CarlyK9 CarlyK10 IndiaL1 IndiaL2 IndiaL3 IndiaL4 IndiaL5 IndiaL6 AchrafB3 AchrafB4 AchrafB6 AchrafB9 AchrafB12 IzabelaN2 IzabelaN3 IzabelaN8 JaneP04 JaneP05 HenryB-10 JeffS10 jenaa3 JenM3 JoshuaJ8 FabioS010 FabioS012 FranciscoDDebY1 FranciscoDDebY2 FranciscoDDebY6 Red Heart Alternate Worlds JasperV2 JasperV3 JasperV6 JasperV9 JoeL5 JoeL8 JoeL10 AtsushiM7 EnricoD1 EnricoD8 EnricoD10 EnricoD12 JohnD7 JohnD8 JordiP03 JordiP05 JordiP06 JordiP10 JordiP12 kevinc4 MilleeT1 MilleeT2 MilleeT3 MilleeT4 AdamJ2 AdamJ4 AdamJ11 AdamJ12 KarolS1 KarolS11 BradleyM1 BradleyM5 BradleyM10 BrandonS2 BrandonS3 BrandonS9 ArminehH2 ArminehH4 ArminehH5 ArminehH10 JosephineC4 JosephineC5 JosephineC10 JosephineC12 CarlaB7 CarlaB10 JuliaG7 JuliaG9 JuliaG10 JulieGraceI2 JulieGraceI3 JulieGraceI4 EdurneH3 EdurneH5 EdurneH7 EdurneH10 AaronB04 AaronB08 AaronB09 AaronB10 KatarinaR2 KatarinaR7 KatarinaR8 KatarinaR9 KatarinaR10 KayleighK3 KayleighK5 KayleighK6 KerryM1 KerryM2 KerryM6 KerryM7 KerryM10 AdilH05 AdilH08 AdilH10 KingaO2 LarryT3 LarryT4 LarsB03 LarsB04 LarsB05 LarsB12 LatifaI2 LauraN02 LauraN04 LauraN11 LauraN12 LaurieM2 LaurieM3 LaurieM5 SteveE03 SteveE04 SteveE07 Toxicodendron_diversilobum_1 SophieHT1 SophieHT2 SophieHT3 SophieHT6 LindseyP2 LindseyP3 LindseyP8 KatherineC10 KatherineC11 MadisonD04 MadisonD06 MadisonD07 MadisonD08 MadisonD10 MariaB2 MariaL4 MariaL7 MariaL8 TamaraL7 TamaraL9 TamaraL11 MarianaD8 MassimilianoP2 MassimilianoP3 MassimilianoP4 MassimilianoP5 MatthewC1 MatthewC2 MatthewC3 MatthewC4 MatthewC6 MatthewC7 MatthewC8 MatthewC11 helenj3 helenj5 helenj8 helenj9 MarijaK7 MarijaK9 MattJ7 MattJ8 MattJ9 MattJ10 MattR2 MattR5 MattR6 MattR8 MehreenK2 MehreenK3 MehreenK4 MehreenK6 MichaelH4 MichalJ04 MichelleF3 MichelleF5 MichelleF6 MichelleF7 MindaugasK5 MindaugasK6 MindaugasK9 MiyukiO1 MiyukiO7 MiyukiO8 MiyukiO10 MiyukiO11 MiyukiO12 MurrayA3 NadiaI1 NadiaI3 NadiaI7 NadiaI8 NadiaI9 NatashaB07 NatashaB08 NatashaB12 nathanr2 nathanr4 NayanUV1 '>NayanUV11 NeenadA2 NeenadA3 NeenadA8 NeenadA11 BidyutG9 BidyutG10 nikosk1 nikosk2 nikosk3 '>NilanjanG2 NilanjanG5 NormanB10 NormanB11 OliverL03 OliverL08 OliverL10 OliverL11 PaulS1 PaulS3 PaulS4 PaulS6 NinaC5 NinaC3 STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CITY STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CITY STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CITY STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CITY KariW01 KariW07 PaulW5 PaulW7 Nathanp5 Nathanp7 Nathanp9 RachelO2 PavelP5 PavelP10 PavelP11 RayT1 RayT4 RayT5 robert3 robert7 RobertF9 RobertF10 RobertoD1 RobertoD3 RobertoD6 RobertoD9 youssefr3 youssefr4 youssefr7 youssefr10 SamiyahK1 SamiyahK2 SamiyahK9 The Court Of The Dryad Queen The Shadows Lengthen RomanS3 YvetteM2 YvetteM4 SaraA2 SaraA5 SaraA10 SaraA11 AaronE1 AaronE6 SimonJ2 SimonJ3 SarahE7 SarahE9 SarahE11 Chair SergeyM1 SergeyM2 SergeyM4 SergeyM6 SergeyM7 SergeyM9 SilmaraA11 SilmaraA12 SilvinoG5 SimoneF1 SimoneF2 SimoneF3 XilolaG01 XilolaG06 XilolaG07 XilolaG11 Mother's Kitchen, Seoul, 2013 Mother's Calendar, Seoul, 2013 Mother, Seoul, 2013 Mother's house, Seoul, 2013 Mother's Room, Seoul, 2013 StanR01 StanR02 StanR03 StanR05 StanR07 StanR10 SlimB7 SlimB3 AlirezaM6 AlirezaM7 AlirezaM8 AlirezaM10 YvonneA1 YvonneA2 YvonneA12 sterlingc5 sterlingc8 SteveF1 StewartC2 StewartC5 SusanK1 SusanK2 SusanK10 LynzyB2 LynzyB4 LynzyB5 timg3 timg8 WhitneyH4 TomerI3 TomerI10 TomerI11 StephannieF2 StephannieF3 StephannieF4 StephannieF11 VitorS3 VitorS4 VitorS5 VitorS7 YorgosE01 YorgosE02 YorgosE03 YorgosE10 after the line surrounded by water Bob back in the 1920's EllenC4 EllenC7 EllenC9 EllenC10 Owner/ Photographer Andy Spessard Photography Owner/ Photographer Andy Spessard Photography Owner/ Photographer Andy Spessard Photography ClementH8 ClementH4 ClementH10