Robert Shults  The Small Corners of Existence

When I arrived in Austin in 2001, I was homeless, and spent several months finding my way off the street. In the summer of 2007, I learned that I would be laid-off from the teaching position I had held for several years, and I suddenly felt an old anxiety in a profoundly new way. I then began returning to and photographing the spaces I had first used for temporary shelter several years earlier. This body of work is an attempt to create a personal inventory of the often overlooked spaces where one might find some temporary physical and spiritual shelter, a catalog of the available architecture of homelessness: the undersides of bridges, awnings, and doorways, plazas of public buildings, alleyways, and abandoned structures of this Central Texas city. 

Photographer and educator Robert Shults is based in Austin, Texas. He studied photography on location in Central America with Barbara McClatchie Andrews, and has traveled and photographed extensively throughout Latin America, Britain, and the United States. His photographs have been included in exhibitions at The Print Center, Coastal Arts League Museum, L. Nowlin Gallery, and The Camera Club of New York. He is a 2008 recipient of the Prix de la Photographie - Paris as well as a B&W Magazine Merit Award, and presently teaches photography at the University of Texas at Austin, as part of the Informal Classes program.

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