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Lauren Noelle Oliver —Temple of the Self

Temple of the Self

Being of mixed race has always been a source of both pride and insecurity. As a child, I was exposed to multiple cultures within the walls of my house. I heard multiple languages, tasted flavors from around the world, and learned about unique traditions. But I never felt like I belonged completely to any of them. I spent hours gazing in the mirror and comparing my features to the family photo album, hoping to find the answers. The feeling hasn't disappeared in adulthood. These days, instead of a mirror, I use my photographic practice to reflect inward, developing a visual language that may one day get me closer to my disparate parts.


Lauren Noelle Oliver is a fine art photographer and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from SUNY Purchase. She has worked at several New York City art galleries and cultural institutions, including as a teaching assistant with the International Center of Photography's community programs. Her photography practice centers around the sunlight, movement and metaphor. She draws inspiration from photographers like Ana Mendieta, Francesca Woodman, and Graciela Iturbide.

For more information, please contact Lauren Noelle Oliver at: oliver.lauren.n@gmail.com or visit: www.laurennoelleoliver.com
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