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Our Invisible Hands @ Z33

Location: Belgium, Hasselt Type:

Mika Horie @ IBASHO

Location: Antwerp, Belgium Type: , ,

Lydia Panas @ Bailey Contemporary Arts

Location: Florida, Pompano Beach Type:

Lab27: a place for meeting, discussion, study, training, exposure for photography

Every time I log into my smartphone I can’t help but think about how useful technology is but, at the same time, how easy it is to misuse it. At least questionable. Every time I access social networks I think about how essential it is to communicate but how it has become alienating to do
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Location: Italy, Online, Treviso Type: ,

Black Diamonds book cover

Book Review: Black Diamonds by Rich-Joseph Facun

Black Diamonds has been on my mind ever since opening the pages, viewing the photos, and reading the heartfelt and sanguine words from Rich-Joseph Facun, and the essay by Alison Stine. The images are penetratingly beautiful. It’s powerful stuff. It touched me.  Black Diamonds is a personal project, and as a person of color, Facun has
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Life in the Pandemic @ Blank Wall Gallery

Location: Greece Type:

Anastasia Samoylova @ Sabrina Amrani

Location: Madrid, Spain Type:

Oscar Marzaroli @ North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre

Location: Scotland Type:


Location: Seattle, Washington Type:

AMERICA IN CRISIS @ Saatchi Gallery

Location: England, London, United Kingdom Type:

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