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Mary Crnkovic Pilas — Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy Days and Mondays

Just like The Carpenter's song, rainy days and Mondays seem to get a lot of people down. With this in mind, for the past 5 or so years, whenever it starts raining, I grab my camera and raincoat and head to Zagreb's tram stops to capture how people have nothing to do but frown when the rain is pouring down.


My name is Mary Crnkovic Pilas and I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I moved to Zagreb in 1992 after completing my B.A. majoring in Music and French and have been here ever since. As I had always had an interest in photography, I attended analogue photography courses at the Zagreb Photo Club in 1995 to improve my skills. However, due to work and family obligations, I hung up my camera for many years but once again took up photography after completing the Camino de Santiago, walking from Porto to Santiago de Compostela, in 2016. I once again attended courses at the Zagreb Photo Club, this time in digital photography. I am most interested in black and white street and documentary photography and like to document ordinary everyday people and scenes.

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