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Vicente Fraga — Adeus


What we are makes sense when it is reflected in what we do. This project speaks of the importance of linking memory to our present and being close to those still in contact with the land.

The way of life associated with work in the fields and at sea has been a constant in Galicia until the phenomenon of urban concentration began at the end of the sixties, which started the rural exodus. The difficult subsistence conditions of these rural territories, even more so in inland areas, are the origin of these exoduses that affect not only the territory but also the people who stay and who must deal with the gap left by others.

This project is my way of stopping time and inviting reflection on what is still alive and deserves to be contemplated. Each face is a story that gives way to another; after all, the path of memory needs symbols that fix it; photographing is to give way to those symbols giving them the space and importance they deserve through the images that allow us to recognise ourselves.


Pontevedra, Spain, 1978. His academic studies are related initially to the world of architecture and engineering. Still, in photography, he has found the place to which he always wants to return and dedicates an increasing part of his time. His photographic training is built autonomously through constant exploration and research. Among the different photographic genres, the documentary genre awakens his interest. He works on those subjects that concern him on a personal level, especially enjoying the process of research or documentation, with the aim that beyond an artistic purpose, there is a parallel process of personal growth.

For more information:
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