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December 10, 2014

Call for Entries: CENTER "Review Santa Fe" & "Project Launch" DEADLINE: January 22, 2015 For more info: www.visitcenter.org/call-for-entries/

December 10, 2014

Call for Entries: Japan International Photojournalism Awards 2015 “Defending & Advocating Dignity of Human Beings & Nature” DEADLINE: January 15, 2015 For more info: www.daysjapan.net/e/award2015_11/index.html

December 9, 2014

Call for Entries: Istanbul Photo Awards 2015 Jurors: Alice Gabriner, Harald Menk, Yuri Kozierev, Guillaume Herbaut DEADLINE: January 31, 2015 For more info: www.istanbulphotoawards.com

December 8, 2014

Call for Entries: 2015 Sony World Photography Awards DEADLINE: January 5 & 8, 2015 For more info: worldphoto.org/swpa

Decmeber 6, 2014

Call for Entries: Darkroom Gallery "Lines" Juror: Rebecca Senf DEADLINE: January 21, 2015 For more info: www.DarkroomGallery.com/ex66

Call for Entries: Celeste Network "Visible White photo prize 2015" DEADLINE: February 28, 2015 For more info: www.celesteprize.com/VisibleWhite2015/

Call for Entries: Social Documentary Network "Visual Stories Exploring Global Themes" DEADLINE: January 18, 2015 For more info: www.socialdocumentary.net

Call for Entries: International Color Awards DEADLINE: December 19, 2014 For more info: www.colorawards.com

Decmeber 2, 2014

Call for Entries: Life Framer “6 Continents” Juror: Stefano de Luigi DEADLINE: December 31, 2014 For more info: www.life-framer.com

Call for Entries: A Smith Gallery “Blue” Juror: Arthur Meyerson DEADLINE: January 5, 2015 For more info: asmithgallery.com/call-for-entry/ 

November 29, 2014

Call for Entries: Filter Photo Context 2015 "Open Theme" Juror: Michal Raz-Russo DEADLINE: January 6, 2015 For more info: www.filterfestival.com/context-2015

Call for Entries: Life Framer "Urban Life" DEADLINE: November 30, 3014 For more info: www.life-framer.com

November 28, 2014

Call for Entries: SMBHMag "Studio" DEADLINE: December 3, 2014 For more info: www.smbhmag.com/submissions

Call for Entries: International Photo Awards OneShot Competition "Home" DEADLINE: January 31, 2015 For more info: www.photoawards.com/submit

November 23, 2014

Call for Entries: Athens Photo Festival 2015 Main Exhibitions DEADLINE: February 16, 2015. Photobook Show DEADLINE: March 16, 2015 For more info: www.photofestival.gr

Call for Entries: Grand Prix FotoFestival 2015 DEADLINE: January 12, 2015 For more info: www.fotofestiwal.com/2014/en/news/grand-prix-fotofestiwal-2015-2/

Call for Entries: Incandescent, a color film zine "Issue Seven" DEADLINE: December 15, 2014. For more info: incandescentzine.wordpress.com

Call for Entries: LensCulture 6th Annual Exposure Awards 2014. DEADLINE: December 21, 2014 For more info: www.lensculture.com/awards

Call for Entries: Fine Art Photography Awards Fine Art Photography Contest DEADLINE: February 15, 2015 For more info: fineartphotoawards.com

November 9, 2014

Call for Entries: PhotoPlace Gallery "Portraiture: Expression and Gesture" Juror: Karen E. Haas DEADLINE: December 1, 2014. For more info: www.vtphotoworkplace.com/id271.html

November 3, 2014

Call for Entries: BOAAT Photo Competition "Home" Juror: Justin Kimball DEADLINE: February 28, 2015 For more info: www.boaatpress.com/competitions/#photography-competition

Call for Entries: Mono Volume Two DEADLINE: December 31, 2014 For more info: www.gommabooks.com/mono/

Call for Entries: Black Box Gallery "Field Work: Nature and Landscapes" Juror: Christopher O'Donnell DEADLINE: December 8, 2014 For more info: blackboxgallery.com/Field%20Work-Nature%20and%20Landscape%20CFE.html

November 1, 2014

Call for Entries: Darkroom Gallery "Chronograph" Juror: Johan Hallberg-Campbell DEADLINE: December 28, 2014. More info: www.DarkroomGallery.com/ex65

October 25, 2014

Call for Entries: Pryme Magazine (instant film photography) "Urban/Rural" DEADLINE: January 15, 2014. For more info: www.prymemagazine.com

October 7, 2014

Call for Entries: Grand Prix Fotofestival 2015 Competition DEADLINE: December 1, 2014 For more info: www.fotofestiwal.com/2014/en/news/grand-prix-fotofestiwal-2015-2/

July 24, 2014

Call for Entries: University of North Florida Gallery of Art "Regarding Leisure" Jurors: Assistant Professors Alexander Diaz and Christopher Luhar-Trice DEADLINE: January 1, 2015 For more info: unfphotographyprogram.webs.com/

April 9, 2013

Call for Entries: Orta Format magazine For more info: http://ortaformatmag.tumblr.com/call

Call for Entries: Paper Tactics open call for photo books to be featured $ sale on their site For more info: http://papertactics.com/faq/

May 30, 2012

Book Publishing Opportunity: Aglu is looking for photographers that are interested in publishing work
in the Aglu book format. Contact www.aglu.co.uk for
details of how to submit proposals.


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