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Issue #60 Portfolio Issue
(august/september 2013) featuring

Andi Schreiber, Anna Filipova, Anne Berry, Barbara A Diener, David A Cory, Dina Litovsky, Jason Vaughn, Kayla Massey, Maggie Meiners, Matthew Dols, Valentino Bellini, Yael Ben-Zion
Issue #59 True/False
(june/july 2013) featuring Diana M. Sanchez

Carl Corey Interview by Stephanie Dean PDF

Issue #58 Open Theme
(april/may 2013) featuring Sarah Skwira
Issue #57 Juxtaposition
(february/march 2013) featuring Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman

Carl Corey Interview by Stephanie Dean PDF

Issue #56 Landscape
(december 2012/january 2013) featuring Allison Grant
Issue #54 Latin America Issue
In collaboration with fototazo.com
(august 2012/september 2012) featuring Alejandro Cartagena
Issue #53 Serial Photography
(june 2012/july 2012) featuring Emma Kisiel, Julia Kozerski, Erv Schroeder, Ilona Szwarc

Some thoughts on Mushrooms from the forest 2011 by Takashi Homma by Tristan Hooper PDF

Issue #52 Open Theme
(april 2012/may 2012) featuring Michel Lagarde

Gay Block's About Love by Tim O'Brien PDF

Issue #50 Optimism
(december 2011/january 2012) featuring Jan von Holleben

Interview with Jan von Holleben by Aline Smithson PDF

Issue #49 Portfolio Issue
(october 2011/november 2011) featuring Richard Allen Ashmore, Martín Batallés, Alan Charlesworth, Angel I. Chiriboga, John F Martin, William Miller, Tasha Ong, Yurian Quintanas Nobel
Smile!: A Polemic on Fine Art Portraiture by Stephanie Dean PDF
Issue #47 Open Theme
(june 2011/julyy 2011) featuring Lauren E. Simonutti
A Conversation wtih Brad Moore by Susan Burnstine PDF
Issue #45 Abstraction
(february 2011/march 2011) featuring Josh Martin
Doug Ethridge: Primordial Seas by Susan Burnstine PDF
Issue #44 Community
(december 2010/january 2011) featuring Natan Dvir
Gordon Stettinius by Susan Burnstine PDF
Issue #43 Blur & Focus
(october 2010/november 2010) featuring Codrin Lupei, Bryan Wilcox, Kate Joyce
Contemporary Photography: An Informal Movement by Sam Milbrath PDF
Issue #42 Portfolio Issue - Guest Editor Amber Terranova
(august 2010/september 2010) featuring Benedetta Falugi, Douglas Ljungkvist, Ernie Button, Heidi Lender, Jake Stangel, Jorge Sato, Michael F McElroy, Odette England
Entering Competitions: Lessons Learned by Aline Smithson PDF
Issue #41 Concerned Photography - Guest Editor Jason Houston
(june 2010/july 2010) featuring Adela Holmes, Dana Fritz, Diane Meyer, Eliot Dudik, Kirk Crippens, L. Weingarten, Morganna Magee, Natasha Sanchez
Lori Waselchuk: Grace Before Dying by Susan Burnstine PDF
Issue #39 Away From Here
(february 2010/march 2010) featuring Robert Shults
Rachel Herman: Imp of Love Review by Mary Goodwin PDF
Issue #38 Food
(december 2009/january 2010) featuring Stephanie Dean
Issue #37 Signs
(october 2009/november 2009) featuring Dan Porter
Theresia Brakenhielm's Stallflickor Review by Susan Bolling PDF
Issue #35 Portfolio
(june 2009/july 2009) featuring Anna Hurtig, Anna Chipman, Bob Gates, Jessica Somers, Susan Worsham, Jeffrey Krolick
Photolucida by Aline SmithsonPDF
Issue #34 Collaboration
(april 2009/may 2009) Aline Smithson, Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Anna Chipman, Anna Hurtig, Bronwen Hyde, Dan Porter, Diane Peterson, Gabriele Naia, Gena Morgese, Gerd Banse, LeAnn Cannon, L Tallman, Nic Nichols, Nicholas Vroman, Nicolas Silberfaden, Richelle Forsey, Virginia Sorrells, Zaida Sofia Granados
Why Photography Matters Review by Rachel WolfePDF
Issue #31 Focus - Sponsored by Lensbaby
(october 2008/november 2008) featuring Tami Bone
Issue #30 Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Air
(august 2008/september 2008) featuring Regan Avery
Issue #29 Portfolio
(june2008/july 2008) featuring Bethany Souza, Aaron McElroy, Cristina Saez, Bahar Yurukoglu, Jeff Seltzer
Issue #28 Night
(april 2008/may 2008) featuring Rick Alfaro
Issue #27 Open Theme
(february 2008/march 2008) featuring Carolyn Drake
Issue #26 Friends and Family
(nov 2007/jan 2007) featuring Deb Schwedhelm
issue #25 lo-fi Sponsored by LightLeaks Magazine
(september/october 2007) featuring Grant Edwards
issue #24 fashion
(july/august 2007) featuring Irma Vecchio
issue #23 open theme
(may/june 2007) featuring Jeff Krolick
issue #22 animals
(march/april 2007) featuring Giacomo Brunelli
issue #21 the portrait
(jan/feb 2007) featuring Joe Kramm
issue #20 winter
(nov/dec 2006) featuring Ernest McLeod
issue #19 portfolio issue
(sept/oct 2006) featuring Carol Lauren, Christine DiThomas, Gabriela Muj-Lindroos, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Stan Banos
issue #18 imaginary worlds
(july/aug 2006) featuring Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida
issue #17 stories
(may/june 2006) featuring Tom Chambers
issue #15 open theme
(january/february 2006) featuring Jessica Bruah
issue #14 lost & found
(november/december 2005)
issue #13 childhood/adulthood
(september/october 2005) featuring debra tomaszewski
issue #12 summer
(july/august 2005) featureing aline smithson
issue #11 pictures of people w/o the people
(april/june 2005) featuring barbara rosenthal
issue #10 open theme
(february/march 2005) featuring cathleen megan bryant
issue #9 consumption
(december/january 2005) featuring brian ulrich
issue #8 dreams/mystery
(october/november 2004) featuring russell joslin
issue #7 portfolio
(august/september 2004) featuring sarah bierman, stephanie dean, todd deutsch, guennadi maslov, james felder, edward thompson
issue #6 still life (june/july 2004)
featuring tim gallagher
issue #5 open theme
(april/may 2004) featuring jane critchlow
issue #4 intimacy/desire
(february/march 2004) featuring christy romanick
issue #3 space/place
(december/january 2004) featuring tim carpenter
issue #2 halloween
(october/november 2003) featuring chloe potter
issue #1 open theme
(august/september 2003) featuring zev robinson