Joy of Giving Something Photography Contest and 20th Century Experimental Photography Exhibit

Next submission deadline: March 31, 2012

The deadline for first quarter of our 2012 artist photography contest is drawing near. Send in three of your photos that exemplify “forward thinking,” along with a short artist statement. In 2012, we will award all quarterly winners a $1000 prize, a solo show, and a nomination to our Annual $5,000 Artist Award. Runners-up are gifted fine art books and a website feature.

The exhibit presents the works of twenty four artists devoted to experimentation behind the camera and in the darkroom. Some of the techniques illustrated include solarization, multiple exposure, photomontage, Kirlian photography, and image capture outside the visible spectrum (infrared photography and X-ray imaging). The photographs in this exhibit are curated from the Permanent Collection of Joy of Giving Something (JGS) – the not-for-profit organization administering the Forward Thinking Museum. JGS’ collection holds over 10,000 works spanning the entire history of photography.

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