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Jacques Henri Lartigue @ Polka Galerie

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Colin Robins & Oliver Udy @ Kestle Barton

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Interview with featured photographer Eric Kunsman 

While I was reviewing the submissions for our Issue #124 – Cities 2024, I immediately recalled Eric Kunsman’s ongoing work in his project ‘Felicific Calculus’ and ‘Life-Lines Throughout the United States’. I know the multiple layers of this work would apply to the theme of ‘exploring cities’ (which it absolutely does), and also highlight aspects
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Book Review: America Series by Florence Montmare

Florence Montmare‘s book America Series provides an honest and intimately personal, yet widely relatable depiction of a nation in flux, all happening against the backdrop of a changing physical and social landscape. Montmare is an artist and photographer whose work in America Series somewhat follows the tradition of Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Richard Avedon.
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Book Review: Home is Home (All Alone) By Guido Gazzilli

Quiet, relax you’ve lost your head you’re rambling. Come on, onto the field heat your blood as you must. It’s good here aim don’t err look outside. The sky is in pieces it trembles it hobbles it carries its cross. Don’t think about it drink it all up there is more to drink. Sharpen the
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Ralph Eugene Meatyard @ Gitterman Gallery

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Tina Modotti @ Foam

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Anders Petersen @ Spot home gallery

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Debbie Fleming Caffery @ New Orleans Museum of Art

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Book Review: Visual Memories and Hidden Places by Paul Caponigro 

Paul Caponigro is a living icon in the world of photography. For over 60 years, the revered American photographer has been sharing his vision of the world through his photographs. His work is often characterized by its emotional intensity and its power to transcend specific subject matter into visual poetry. He is a master of
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