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Book Review: Campesino Cuba by Richard Sharum

These black and white photographs radiate something extremely powerful. The scenes they depict appear archaic. How come? It’s what black and white photographs tend to do, I suppose, for they weren’t taken in ancient times but in today’s world. It’s as though some mystical, time-less aura emanates from these images. These photographs document scenes from
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Black and white self portrait of a girl and a garden statue as the cover image of Portraits and Dreams by Wendy Ewald.

Book Review: Portraits and Dreams: Photographs and Stories by Children of the Appalachians by Wendy Ewald

  When Wendy Ewald arrived in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in 1975, she began a project that aimed to reveal the intimate dreams and fears of local schoolchildren. Tasked with finding authentic ways of representing the lives of these children, she gave each of them a camera and interviewed them about their childhood in
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David Gordon @ Dunoon Burgh Hall

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Book Review: Cuba by Manuel Rivera-Ortiz

What a superb cover! was my first reaction to this tome. The two other pics (the one on the cover can also be found in the book) that you see here were not selected by me but by the publisher. The car is a perfect example of a picture that I would never choose for
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Mapplethorpe: Escultura @ Morán Morán

Mapplethorpe: Escultura JUNE 19 – AUGUST 08, 2021 “Mapplethorpe: Escultura explores the artist’s interest in classical and Renaissance sculpture, as both subject and aesthetic resource. The 36 works exhibited include unique Polaroids that evidence the artist’s early interest in Michelangelo, as well as others depicting male nude sculptures in public parks and squares, taken during
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Book Review: Arctic Heroes by Ragnar Axelsson

Photographer Ragnar Axelsson (*1958) hails from Island and has been documenting the Arctic (people, animals, landscapes) for more than forty years. The black and white photographs in this book were taken between 1986 and 2020 in Greenland; they give testimony to the extraordinary relationship between sledge dogs and hunters. “Time and again, I visited small
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Fritz Macho @ FOTOHOF archive

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Interview with photographer Ciro Battiloro

F-Stop Magazine: How did you first become involved in photography in general and documentary projects specifically?

Ciro Battiloro: I’ve always felt the need to find a way to express myself. Before starting to photograph I was playing bass in a band. Then I discovered the works of Koudelka, Eugene Richards, Mary Ellen Mark… and everything started.
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Tommaso Protti: Amazônia @ Saatchi Gallery

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