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Book Review: Grönland by Ulrike Crespo

Grönland (Greenland) is a tome in German and English by Ulrike Crespo (1950-2019) whose background in art history, archaeology and psychology seems to have influenced her photographic work. To me at least, the cover and pic number 6, for instance, look as fascinatingly indecipherable as our unconscious. What attracted me first and foremost to this […]

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Book Review: Kingdom of Sand and Cement by Peter Bogaczewicz

Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis, have experienced profound change in less than a century as they transitioned from living in traditional mud buildings to commencing work on the world’s tallest skyscraper. Kingdom of Sand and Cement by Peter Bogaczewicz explores the challenges Saudi Arabia faces today as it rapidly transforms from a conservative and tribal desert culture to […]

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Book Review: Project Cleansweep by Dara Mcgrath

Dara Mcgrath, an Irish photographer interested in the transitional lives of spaces (those places where a relationship is created between architecture, history, landscape, built environment; and a dialogue of absence rather than presence), took more than 8 years to bring to end this project. At the end of 2011 McGrath, through a newspaper article, discovered […]

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Simone Mizzotti @ Torrefazione Vittoria

Simone Mizzotti: Panoramica 21st February/11th April, 2020 “Panoramica is the overview of Simone Mizzotti’s photographic activity and its phases; Panoramica is the vision of the landscape, the theme that binds all these images. Landscape is that set of things that brings together and unites everything we live and breathe; and the initial quote is not […]

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Interview with photographer Mehrdad Fathi

F-Stop Magazine: How did you first become involved in photography and what led to you working in this medium as an artist? Mehrdad Fathi: In high school I was interested in filmmaking and cinema, so I chose photography to get into cinema, to get to know the image. But I was fascinated by photography and […]

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Interview with photographer Ellen Jantzen

F-Stop Magazine: The Portfolio 2019 issue of F-Stop Magazine features your project “ Mid+West,” can you tell us about this project? What led to this work? Ellen Jantzen: After spending most of my adult life in California, I moved back to the St. Louis area in 2009 to help both my husband’s mother and my […]

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Mitch Dobrowner @ Kopeikin Gallery

Mitch Dobrowner: Still Earth September 7th – October 19th Reception for the Artist Saturday, September 7th from 6 – 8 pm. “Inspired early on by Minor White and Ansel Adams, Mitch Dobrowner began photographing as a teen. His first experience with storms occurred years later when, out of curiosity, he visited an area known as […]

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Interview with photographer David Gardner

David Gardner is a landscape photographer who spends part of the year travelling around North America in a motor home capturing the world in front of him. For more background see the 2014 F-Stop interview with Gardner here   F-Stop Magazine: Revisiting the story (see link above) of how you were introduced to photography […]

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Interview with photographer Helen Jones

Cary Benbow (CB): Beyond the project statement you have on your website, would you please expand on the ideas behind ‘Mining the Past’, which is included in this month’s issue, and give an idea of how it relates to your larger body of work? Helen Jones (HJ): ‘Mining the past’ is a project that came […]

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Interview with photographer Nicholas JR White

The ‘Black Dots’ by Nicholas JR White is a project that looks at bothies and the culture that surrounds bothying in the United Kingdom. Bothies are small shelters situated in the most remote corners of the British Isles. They remain open all year round, and provide shelter and security for people who travel or hike […]

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