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Reaching for Dawn by Elliott Verdier

Liberia’s population generally does not speak of the bloody civil war which took place from 1989-2003. No proper memorial has been built, no day is dedicated to the commemoration of the brutal conflict. The country largely refuses to officially condemn its perpetrators, which hinders the collective healing process, and possibility of social recognition of the
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Book Review: Sleeping Beauty by Lydia Panas

The first line of the press release for Sleeping Beauty by Lydia Panas states: “Portraits of women and girls intertwined with the photographer’s gaze, in a rare subversion of photography’s power relations.” Panas is no stranger to subverting the power relationship (of photography’s male dominated history, we presume) as her work in The Mark of Abel,
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Book Review: Finding Home by Becky Field

Photographer Becky Field photographed and interviewed many of New Hampshire’s immigrants and refugees.  She interviewed forty people, from different countries, with different stories. Some are men, some women, they differ in age and why they left their home countries, and how come they settled in New Hampshire. “The photographs were usually taken in a home
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6th Annual Creative Portrait Exhibition @ Los Angeles Center of Photography

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Spandita Malik @ Baxter St

Spandita Malik – Vadhu: The Embroidered Bride October 13 – November 10, 2021 Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 13th | 5pm – 8pm “A New York-based artist from Chandigarh, India, Malik often addresses women’s rights and gendered violence through her lens-based interdisciplinary practice. The works in Vadhu: The Embroidered Bride use wedding portraits as a departure
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BOOK REVIEW: What She Said by Deanna Templeton

When I first glanced through this book, I thought, well, I guess this is not for me. These youngsters live in a world that is surely totally foreign and very likely incomprehensible to me, a retired man living in Switzerland. Yet for reasons unbeknownst to me, I again and again turned to the pictures that
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Book review: Cruise Night by Kristin Bedford

At the time of this review, the weather in the midwest is turning to the cooler climate of Autumn. Fall festivals are right around the corner. Those festivals include crowds of people, delicious food, concerts at twilight, and parades. My hometown in Indiana holds a fall festival every year, and the parade always includes historic
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Jess T. Dugan @ Saint Louis Art Museum

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Andy Gotts @ Maddox Gallery

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Book Review: Linda Simpson’s The Drag Explosion

As famed drag queen Lady Bunny says in her foreword, “It was an era that took place entirely after dark.” These days our drag queens are very much out in the light of day. They star in prime-time television shows, where they find their way into even the most modest of American homes. Without minimizing
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