Klompching Gallery

Left: Brad Moore, Right: Odette England

Exhibition: June 6 – July 20, 2012

Odette England’s, Thrice Upon A Time, is a series of photographs, printed from distressed negatives of the family’s dairy stud farm (sold under threat of bankruptcy) in Australia. Photographs shot by the artist in 2005—documenting the locations in which she was photographed as a child—were taped to the soles of her parents’ shoes as they walked the land. The resulting photographs are conceptually challenging, yet nuanced in their underlying narratives—imprinted with local dirt and debris of the land of her birth.

Southland is Brad Moore’s first exhibition at the gallery and utilizes a formal composition that echos with the New Topographics movement of the 1970’s. While his sensibility is undeniably utilitarian, he succeeds in finding contrast and beauty in everyday environments and accentuating the passage of time on the built environment—specifically that of inland suburbia in Southern California. His repertoire is consistently fresh in approach, yet maintains a singular vision that makes these artworks refined.


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