Looking at México @ Kopeikin Gallery

Image: Kenia Narez

Exhibition: July 14 – August 25, 2012


Alejandra Laviada
Melba Arellano
David Corona
Claudia Hans
Eunice Adorno
José Luis Cuevas
Kenia Narez
Omar Gamez
Alinka Echeverria
Roberto Tondopó

Kopeikin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of contemporary Photography from Mexico curated by Alejandro Cartenega.The exhibition will present a collision between images of violence, faith, dreams, abandonment, and wealth; a world very much in tune to what México is today. The richness of photographic images being produced in México today is broader and richer than ever. Even while a feeling of detriment prevails in most Mexican cities and its inhabitants due to insecurity and social unrest, photography is at its best in such times, reflecting these situations or those far from them.

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