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David Yarrow
Recent Encounters
12th to 20th April

Recent Encounters is an exhibition of images that resulted from Yarrow’s latest trips to some of the most remote and often climatically intimidating parts of the world, from the parched plains of East Africa to the frozen Antarctic. Yarrow patiently and strategically captures some of the world’s most intriguing creatures within the harsh environments that define them.

Jane Hilton
26th April to 25th May

Precious is a collection of intimate nude portraits of working girls in Nevada, the only state in America where prostitution is legal. The women are all from different cultural backgrounds and the variety of ages and body shapes represented challenge the traditional idea of beauty. Hilton photographed the girls with a plate camera and the process became a bonding experience between the artist and her sitters. The trust engendered is evident in each image.

Harry Cory Wright
Hey Charlie
19th June to 14th September

Hey Charlie is a celebration of a lifetime of experience in the place in which Cory Wright grew up and has stayed connected throughout his life. These joyful images capture interruptions in the otherwise serene landscape; fireworks bursting in an evening sky; or a haze of smoke creeping around a river bend. These impulses, and the photographs in which they are captured, were intended to shake off the burden of the past and of nostalgia, and to provoke the making of new memories; to re-imagine a much-loved place.


11 Eccleston Street
London SW1W 9LX




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