Capturing the Narrative: A visual exploration of fact & fiction @ L A Noble Gallery

©Johanna Ward ©Brittain Bright ©Lottie Davies

©Johanna Ward ©Brittain Bright ©Lottie Davies

Capturing the Narrative: A visual exploration of fact & fiction
12 June – 5 July

Featuring works by Brittain Bright, Lottie Davies and Johanna Ward, Capturing the Narrative delves deep into the collective unconscious to tell fables and truths from multiple vantage points including personal histories, folklore, myth and literature.

Each artist’s depictions connect philosophically through the spoken and written word. In her Opening Lines series Brittain Bright re-invents the origins of classic literature depicting scenes and contemporising the text for a modern audience. Lottie Davie’s collected Love Stories project is an ongoing work whereby collected accounts of the circumstances in which couples met are interpreted and embellished with theatrical staging – encompassing the atmosphere and ambience of the original often different accounts of the same encounter. Johanna Ward’s semi-biographical series I shall say goodbye with my strengthening love for you, forever and ever takes its title from a love letter written to her mother by her now divorced father.

Maybe A Vole: 51 King Henry’s Walk, N1 4NH

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