The Autumn Salon @ Fotografiska

Laddar/Paula Claesson. One of many photograph’s where nature lurks in at The Autumn Salon. Opens now at Fotografiska in Stockholm until December 3rd.

The Autumn Salon
6 October – 3 December 2017

“Nature in all its forms and shapes, in more or less natural contexts, is omnipresent in this year’s Autumn Salon at Fotografiska. Be it a tiny flower on the chest of a woman dressed up as Abba’s Agnetha, climbing plant prints in stark Stockholm underground stations of the blue line, mysterious micro/max billowing expanses (which turn out to be a skateboard ramp), bathtime ducks at a pool party or insects and animals – they all point to a renascent awareness of our relationship to nature. In a time when the concept of “climate change” has been banned by the highest level in the western world, one may, possibly, discern a dawning collective realisation that our symbiosis with the environment has resulted in raised sea levels that threaten to engulf entire countries…”


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