BILLY&HELLS @ Morren Galleries

BILLY&HELLS / Silent Monkey
June 16 – July 21, 2019

opening Sunday June 16, 2019, 3 pm – 6 pm

“The impeccable surface of the well-known portraits by Billy & Hells is disturbed in Silent Monkey. The distance to the model, which used to be visible to the viewer, is now even more present. Sometimes subtle and sometimes drastic: from minute transparent discolorations to black stripes, lines and surfaces that are scattered over a photograph and partly cover or hide, but sometimes are also connected to it and together with the photographic image of a face or body form a new whole. In addition, there are photographs in which such an alienation – without additional intervention – arises solely from the way in which the bodies are placed in the image: how man becomes a torso through a corner of sight, the image detail or the lighting. A body or a head remains recognizable as such, but it now shows itself from a strange side. Contrary to what the duo of photographers has so far depicted their models, the strategies with which they now irritate the clear gaze make the act of seeing conscious: what do I see and what do I not see? Billy & Hells show what they don’t show. In short: the secret in their work is more profound.”

Morren Galleries
Oudegracht 340
3511 PM Utrecht

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