Hiroshi Watanabe @ photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space


Dec. 12th -February 14th, 2015

photo-eye Gallery
541 South Guadalupe
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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TERMINAL: On Mortality and Beauty @ Photographic Center NW

© Richard Misrach, Dead Animals #79, Nevada, 1987

© Richard Misrach, Dead Animals #79, Nevada, 1987

TERMINAL: On Mortality and Beauty
January 8–April 5, 2015

Artists include: Robert Adams, Keith Carter, Catherine Chalmers, Larry Fink, Eikoh Hosoe, Isaac Layman, Nancy LeVine, David Maisel, Richard Misrach, Sylvia Plachy, Eugene Richards, Hank Willis Thomas, Phillip Toledano, Joel-Peter Witkin.

Reception: Thursday, January 15, 6–8pm

Photographic Center NW, 900 12th Avenue, Seattle, 98122

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Gregg Segal Hollenbeck Park 2004NIGHTSCAPES BY GREGG SEGAL
January 17 – March 3, 2015

During daylight hours, the thick bands of pollution girding the Los Angeles skyline are a constant reminder of how poor our air quality is.  But at night, the foul, chemical filled air traps the city’s excessive artificial light, and in these long exposure images, our skies turn deep emerald green, lush amber, eggplant purple, and bubble gum pink.  All these glowing hues obscure the stars and what we think of as a proper night sky.  As depicted in Gregg Segal’s vivid color photographic series “Nightscapes,” our lurid skyglow is at once toxic and seductive.


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Josef Koudelka @ Pace/MacGill

unnamed-6KOUDELKA: TWELVE PANORAMAS 1987- 2012
January 16 – February 14, 2015

Opening reception: Thursday, January 15, 6 – 8 p.m.

508 West 25th Street, New York

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Jessica Todd Harper @ The Print Center

Jessica Todd Harper, Marshall with Family and the World, 2013

Jessica Todd Harper, Marshall with Family and the World, 2013

Jessica Todd Harper: The Home Stage
January 23 – March 28, 2015

The Home Stage continues Harper’s photographic investigation into her own life and extended family, as well as the families of friends and other acquaintances. In many of her images we see Harper with her three young children and husband in scenes that writer Alain de Botton describes as showing “ordinary life in the family, an especially poignant subject, because marriage and life with children are always buffeted and frustrated by inescapable difficulties.” Harper herself has said that the work grew out of an “overwhelming sense that when we became parents, Chris and I had entered into an alternate and strange world.”

The Print Center | 1614 Latimer Street | Philadelphia | PA | 19103


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FotoFilmic’14 @ dnj gallery

Roei Greenberg

Roei Greenberg

January 17, 2015 – January 30, 2015

Opening Reception: January 17, 2014, 6 – 8pm

dnj gallery
2525 michigan avenue, suite J1
santa monica, california 90404

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Regarding Beauty @ The Center for Fine Art Photography


Lauren II © Tama Hockbaum

Regarding Beauty
March 6, 2015 – April 17, 2015

Reception Date: March 6, 2015

All Selected Artists|Bina Altera, Laurie Arends, Michael Bach, Tal Barel, Benjamin Dimmitt, Mary Dondero, Jennifer Frase, Rheana Gardner,
Terri Gold, Tim Greyhavens, Meg Griffiths, Shawna Hanel, Bill Harbin,
Tama Hochbaum, Kathryn Hurni, Marky Kauffman, Sachiko Kawanabe,
Kent Krugh, Thomas Ladd, Alyssa Minahan, Jessica Christine Owen,
Marcy Palmer, Adam Porter, Jessica Eve Rattner, Vicki Reed, Michelle Sank,
Andi Schreiber, Michael Seif, Linghao Shen, Ursula Sokolowska,
Lisa Marie Stevens, Pete Thorne, and D’Angelo Williams.

The Center for Fine Art Photography
400 North College Ave. | Fort Collins | CO | 80524

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All of this is made for you
December 12 – January 3, 2015

For All of this is made for you, Juan Betancurth will present a selection of objects and photographs as well as work from a new series, Bouquet at 25, realized in collaboration with performer Aaron Philip and photographer Benjamin Fredrickson. This recent body of work investigates flowers and their specific capacity for exaltation or mourning. Considered through collage, performance and photography, the floral characters invoke the artist’s own Colombian roots and the rituals invested within them. The new work signals the artist’s departure from tradition into more ambiguous terrain. Both tender and dark, like many of the objects in the room, the images from Bouquet at 25 reveal the results of a playful seduction taken almost to sadistic limits. In this triad scenario, Betancurth suggests a flexibility with control and trust, as well as with collaboration and ownership, which for the artist is a material as well.

Baxter St at the Camera Club of NY | 126 Baxter Street | New York | NY | 10013

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Alec Soth @ Sean Kelly


Alec Soth: Songbook
JANUARY 30 – MARCH 14, 2015


Known for his haunting portraits of solitary Americans in Sleeping by the Mississippi and Broken Manual, Alec Soth has recently turned his lens toward community life in the United States. To aid in his search, Soth, accompanied by his friend the writer Brad Zeller, assumed the increasingly obsolescent role of small-town newspaper reporter. From 2012-2014, Soth traveled state by state whilst working on his self-published newspaper, The LBM Dispatch, as well as on assignment for The New York Times and other organizations. From upstate New York to Silicon Valley, Soth attended hundreds of meetings, dances, festivals and communal gatherings in search of authentic human interaction in an era of widespread virtual social networking. With Songbook, Soth has stripped these pictures of their news context in order to highlight the longing for personal connection at their root. Evocative, fragmentary, funny and sad, the work is a lyrical depiction of the tension between American individualism and the desire to be united. Songbook presents a profound exploration of the shifting landscape of early 21st century American culture.

Sean Kelly

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MARIO MARINO & The Empty Quarter

Suman, Gypsy Girl, India 2014 ©Mario Marino

Suman, Gypsy Girl, India 2014 ©Mario Marino

MARIO MARINO: Retrospective 2011-2014
January 14th – February 17th, 2015

Opening reception Wednesday, January 14th from 7pm -10pm

Journeying to exotic parts of the world, Marino records his presence in foreign lands with portraits of its people. From India to Africa and across the ocean to Cuba, the resulting body of work forms a remarkable social document and a unique record of communities. Penetrating below the surface, Marino reveals the personalities beneath the images and offers the viewer a glimpse at their identities, aspirations, hopes and dreams as communicated through their portraits. Always central to his pictures is an empathetic connection to his subjects.

The Empty Quarter
Gate Village, Bldg 02
P.O.BOX 506697
DIFC, Dubai, UAE

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