Hommage à Christian Bouqueret @ Gitterman Gallery

unnamedHommage à Christian Bouqueret
November 16, 2016 – January 21, 2017

Christian Bouqueret became interested in the modernity of Bauhaus photography during his art history studies in Berlin. Bouqueret was co-director of Bouqueret-Lebon Gallery from 1990-1997, which represented both contemporary German and French photography. He published many catalogs during his lifetime, including Assia sublime modèle, Les Femme Photographes, and books on Daniel Masclet, Jean Moral, Roger Parry, André Steiner, Raoul Ubac, and René Zuber. Bouqueret’s seminal 1997 book, Des années folles aux années noires: La nouvelle vision photographique en France 1920-1940, which presented over seventy photographers from the period, won the Prix Nadar photography book award. Bouqueret curated 200 vintage prints from his collection for the 2009 Jeu de Paume exhibition entitled Paris capitale photographique 1920-1940: Collection Christian Bouqueret. In 2011 the Pompidou Centre acquired nearly 7,000 photographs from Bouqueret’s collection, which was considered one of the best privately-owned Modernist photography collections in France. The following year the Pompidou exhibited a selection of the collection and published an accompanying catalog titled Voici Paris: Modernités Photographiques, 1920-1950. As Andy Grunberg writes in the Jeu de Paume catalog: “what we know of the history of photography is a result or sum of what has been preserved, collected, exhibited and published.” Thanks to Christian Bouqueret, that history is richer.

Gitterman Gallery
41 East 57th Street, Suite 1103
New York, NY 10022

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Mark de Paola @ Leica Gallery Boston

l1000266printMark de Paola: “60 Seconds”
November 3rd, 2016 – January 2nd, 2017

Opening reception: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 from 6pm to 9pm

“60 Seconds” delves into a realm of abstract figures, fluidity, and poetic forms, challenging and seducing the limits of motion contained within still image. With each photograph taken handheld with a 60 second exposure, de Paola has discovered the connection between his physiological make up, the Leica M camera as a tool, and time, the unflinching competitor to the timeless image.

Leica Gallery Boston
74 Arlington St
Boston, MA 02116

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Richard Renaldi @ Benrubi Gallery

Richard Renaldi “Manhattan Sunday”
November 3 – December 23, 2016

Opening reception: November 5, 2016 at 9pm

Manhattan Sunday is a photographic diary from 2010 to the present. As the name suggests, the pictures were all taken in Manhattan, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, usually after a night out on the town. If hedonism informs these images, from the bare skin and muscled bodies in many of its portraits, to the disco balls and bottles of poppers in its still lifes, it’s a sensuality tempered by reflection. The faces are blissed out, maybe even a bit wan after eight or ten hours of clubbing. Black and white lends a coolness to the scenes, merging day with night, while several long exposures capture the euphoria of the club experience, but also its transience.

Benrubi Gallery · 521 West 26th Street, Floor #2 · New York City · New York · 10001

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Linsey Gosper @ Strange Neighbour

Linsey Gosper

The work was taken in Europe and the series looks at the mythological symbolic sculptures and architecture that have protected European cities and remained for centuries.

Strange Neighbour

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Yakov Khalip @ The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Yakov Khalip. A celebrity kiss. Yuri Gagarin and Gina Lollobrigida

Yakov Khalip. A celebrity kiss. Yuri Gagarin and Gina Lollobrigida

November 3 – December 11

Retrospective exhibition of Yakov Khalip (1908-1980) gives an insight into the evolution of soviet photography – from the avant-garde 1920s to the stagnant 1970s – through the body of work of one great photographer.

Archive of the Khalip family reveals unique artefacts introducing the epoch: documents of the Arctic expedition; original expedition maps; trip permits and assignments; postcards sets of the 1930s; rare books and booklets featuring Khalip’s work; handmade thematic photo albums, created by the photographer and many more.

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

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Today is History @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

Glass 2-18-12, 2012 © Jerry Spagnoli

Glass 2-18-12, 2012
© Jerry Spagnoli

Today is History
November 4 – December 31, 2016

OPENING RECEPTION:Friday, November 4, 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Kate Breakey
Dan Estabrook
Jerry Spagnoli

First it was questioned as art. Then painters used it as a tool. Decades later it was still defending itself as a viable art form. And now, more than 175 years after its inception, photography is an exalted medium, embraced by galleries, collectors and museums worldwide. While photographers engage with new technologies and new means of presentation, many artists working today still incorporate historical techniques in their work. Today is History brings together three artists who work with 19th / 20th c. processes to talk about present day concerns.

Catherine Edelman Gallery
300 W. Superior Street • Chicago IL 60654

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Greetings from Now On: Territories of Commitments @ BERLINARTPROJECTS


usuf Sevinçli, Untitled-2005, Good Dog 007, Pigment Print, 75 x 50 cm

Greetings from Now On: Territories of Commitments
October 22 – December 23, 2016

Group show “Greetings From Now On: Territories of Commitments” will feature 6 Istanbul-based artists: Ali Taptik, Yusuf Sevincli, Zeynep Beler, Seza Bali, Buğra Erol, Joana Kohen who in a vast range of practices and points of view discuss the sense of “Territory” as their site of investigation, observation and social, political or personal involvement.
Territories of Commitments is the first in a series of exhibitions on current photography with a focus on emergent Turkish photography: Greetings From Now On.

BERLINARTPROJECTS, Potsdamerstr. 61, 10783 Berlin.

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The Surface of Things @ Houston Center for Photography

The Surface of Things
November 18, 2016 – January 15, 2017

Opening reception: Friday, November 18, 5:30 – 8:00

Hernease Davis | Adam Fuss | Tere Garcia | Meggan Gould
Myra Greene | Farrah Karapetian | Aspen Mays | Brittany Nelson
Meghann Riepenhoff | Alison Rossiter | Eric Stewart | Shimpei Takeda

Houston Center for Photography

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Brad Wilson @ photo-eye Gallery

Brad Wilson: Affinity
December 2nd, 2016 – January 21st, 2017

Opening & Artist Reception Friday Dec. 2nd, 5–7pm

photo-eye Gallery
541 South Guadalupe St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Thomas Roma @ Steven Kasher Gallery

Thomas Roma: The Plato’s Dogs Trilogy
November 3rd – December 23rd, 2016

Opening Reception: November 3rd, 2016, 6 – 8 PM

Reminiscent of cave paintings, the distorted and featureless silhouettes in Plato’s Dogs capture the primitive essence of the animal. Printed life-size, the shadows more resemble a mythical beast than man’s best friend. Taken between 2011-2013 in a dog park in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, Roma describes them as “landscapes with shadows.” Often Roma would look first to the ground, locating a spot composed of roots, patches of trampled grass, rocks and debris. Roma would stick to that spot and try to lure the dogs over to him. A highly creative technical engineer who builds all of his own camera equipment, Roma faced the challenge of how to prevent his shadow from showing up in each frame. He purchased an eight-foot painter’s extension pole. He mounted his camera to the pole and connected an extra long cable release to activate the shutter. As Giancarlo Roma writes in the books’ introduction, Armed with this contraption he alternately looked like a shepherd leading his flock with the pole as his staff, and a madman chasing the dogs around with some sort of homing device.”

Steven Kasher Gallery
515 W. 26th St., New York, NY 10001

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