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CECILIA DE VAL @ camara oscura galeria de arte

CECILIA DE VAL “El Monte Perdido”
3rd November – 30th December 2016

Opening: Thursday 3rd at 8.00 pm

Monte Perdido has a very unique flora and a singular landscape due to its marine sedimentary origins and that reflect a traditional way of life, that according to Unesco, provides an insight to the European society of the past through a landscape of villages, farms, fields, pastures, and mountain roads.

This projects documents an experimental study carried out during the last two years. Several photographs taken at Monte Perdido are submitted to a particular process of (un)development: first they are developed-printed on a thin photographic polyester paper, then they are immersed in a tray with water and acetic acid at a temperature between 3 and 5 Celsius degrees, and lastly they are taken out of the tray.

camara oscura galeria de arte
c/ Alameda, 16, 1º B

Location: Madrid, Spain Type:

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