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STEPHAN LUPINO @ Galerija Fotografija

1.12.2016 – 7.1.2017

“…The debauchery, wildness, and eccentricity; all are found in Lupino’s photographs from the era. In his usual style, photographing clubs was actually a performance, and so were the clubs. The creative potential of partying has been a focus of art and music since the early 60s, with Andy Warhol, the most famous and controversial protagonist of the scene, at it’s head. Warhol was also one of the many famous artists and eccentrics who frequented the short-lived nightclub Area (1983 – 1987). Among the partygoers was also Stephan Lupino, who has set up an improvised photography studio in the bathroom of the club. Area promised a new world, in which art was the space in which you drank and danced.”

Galerija Fotografija
Levstikov trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Type:

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