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Valerian Mazataud @ Montreal Centre for sustainable development

Patient Freddy Fermin

Patient Freddy Fermin

Valerian Mazataud: Liwa Mairin
september 8 to 29

Exhibition opening : september 8th 2016 @ 12h15 pm

Liwa Mairin, documents the life of the Miskito first nation who live in the Honduran jungle. For the past 40 years the Moskitia has based its economy on deep-sea dive fishing for lobsters, sea cucumbers and shellfishes. Exported to Asia or North America, the trade is the only economical opportunity for the area. It can be a lucrative business for the divers, but also a dangerous one. Divers are sent underwater with outdated equipment and no training and many suffer from decompression illnesses leaving up to 15 dead every year and a hundred paralyzed. The Moskitia now counts up to 3000 cripples. Divers believe they are the victim of Liwa Mairin, the mermaid, punishing those who pillage the sea…

Montreal Centre for sustainable development
50, Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal

Location: Canada, Montreal, Quebec Type:

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