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Local stories
29th September to 11th November 2017

Opening: Friday, 29th September 2017, at 20:00

The participating photographers are: Virgilio Ferreira, Dominika Gesicka, Efi Haliori, Demitris Koilalous, Ellen Kooi, Maria Mavropoulou, Lia Nalbantidou, Camilo Nollas, Rea Papadopoulou, Andreas Theologitis, Chrissa Tsovili, Dimitris Yeros.

“Our environment is influenced and shaped by information which creates a picture of everyday life common to all the peoples, wherever they may be, faithfully following the trends and imperatives of a globalized paradigm. Nevertheless, we all live somewhere and that somewhere is a specific place. The school, the kiosk, the pharmacy, the restaurant, as well as the people we meet everyday define our local neighbours and are part of this microcosm that surrounds us.”

DL Gallery, Messologiou 55A, 18545 Athens, Greece

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