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Jean-Marie Périer. Couturier of the French Photography @ Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Jean-Marie Périer. Yves Saint-Laurent. Paris, October 1995 © Jean-Marie Périer / Photo12

Jean-Marie Périer. Couturier of the French Photography
22th September — 3d December 2017

“More than forty works of the author will be presented at the exhibition, many are considered the iconic images of the era. The exposition will include photographs of the different periods starting from the first stages of Périer`s professional life when he worked at the popular French magazine Salut les Copains, which was dedicated to the musical youth culture of the 1960’s and the shoots of the legendary Beatles and Rolling Stones in the first years of their explosive rise in popularity. In the 1960’s Périer met and photographed the Beatles on numerous occasions while working for Salut les Copains. In 1966 Jean-Marie had been asked to create various images for the Beatles album covers and one of them is the famous photograph for the singles, Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever, which is included to the exposition.”

Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
Russia, Moscow

Location: Moscow, Russia Type:

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