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Inside the Outside: Out of the Woods of Thought @ Argentea Gallery

Image: J. M. Golding

Inside the Outside: Out of the Woods of Thought
November 2 – December 22, 2018

Preview November 1, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

“Inside the Outside is a landscape photography collective mediating the liminal space between the world before us and the world within. Whether we simply enjoy being in the landscape or are involved in its representation the question we will all confront at some stage is ’How do we relate to the landscape?’. There is the inescapable awareness that we are of nature and yet apart from it. And although we can see and eventually imagine nature, it is beyond our abilities to fully comprehend it. Plus we all become aware that the land is not only changed by the hand of people, it can also change us.

Being in the landscape (and representing the landscape) is to simultaneously inhabit two worlds, the one before us and the one inside us. And when those two worlds collide and intermingle the result can often surprise.

Dealing as it does with the reality of what is before us, and also with the often unspoken ability to express something of our inner selves, photography is the perfect medium to explore our relationship with the land. And it also the perfect medium to mediate between those two simultaneous worlds of being there experiencing and the revelations that occur when we open ourselves to the creative possibilities of that liminal space.

Featuring photography by Al Brydon, Brian David Stevens, Guy Dickinson, J. M. Golding, Rob Hudson, Lynda Laird, Stephen Segasby, Tom Wilkinson, and Joseph Wright.”

Argentea Gallery
28 St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham, England B3 1RB

Location: Birmingham, England, United Kingdom Type:

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