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LIZA AMBROSSIO @ camara oscura galeria de arte

LIZA AMBROSSIO “The Rage of Devotion”
13th September – 17th November 2018

““The Rage of Devotion” worships magic, witchcraft, spiritism, shamanism, the numinous, the esoteric, the cabala… We can see the ghosts that inhabit it: H.P. Lovecraft, Alejandro Jodorowsky, F.W. Murnau, Roman Polanski, David Cronenberg, Luis Buñuel, William Burroughs… In a sort of rite of exorcism.

This project tells the story of a woman facing both the destruction of a world that does not allow her to grow or create in and the challenge of rebuilding it by using its fragments in a different and personal order. In her case, such disintegration is necessary insofar as the inherited law -her mother’s- has been experienced negatively.”

camara oscura galeria de arte
T./F. +34 91 429 17 34
c/ Alameda, 16, 1º B

Location: Madrid, Spain Type:

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