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“I first met her on Twitter, then later in person. Wanting nothing but fun, she told me off… I met her again at an ice cream shoppe. She charmed me with her happy ice cream dance.”
Raneen and Hisham were both previously married and divorced. Now married to each other, they realize their mistakes. 
“We didn’t believe in love, and were too cynical. We also thought of marriage as a duty. After we stopped searching for the one, that’s when we met each other.”

TASNEEM ALSULTAN: Saudi Tales of Love
Tuesday 13 February until 13 March 2018

opening reception Tuesday 13 February 7:30pm

“Saudi Tales of Love began as a reflection on her own personal story; Married at the age of 17 and becoming a mother at 21, Tasneem found herself living as a single parent for the last six years of an unhappy ten year marriage. She was divorced by the age of 27. She soon found herself interviewing and photographing other women who shared similar experiences. Saudi Tales of Love explores the stories of these women, who challenge the taboos and dictates of excepted society in Saudi Arabia. Their stories include courageous choices that involve marriage, divorce and other difficult personal experiences. ”

East Wing
Dubai Design District d3

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Type:

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