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Interview with photographer Ren Rox


F-Stop Magazine: How did you first become involved in photography and what led to you working in this medium as an artist?

Ren Rox: It came accidentally. As a child and teenager I painted, sang, played guitar, etc. but never thought of photography as an artistic medium. One day, a well-known magazine asked me to take portraits of some fellow musicians and the series ended up being published all over the world in various other media. I saw an opportunity and started taking photography seriously, practising all the time, reading everything I could about it, watching documentaries and going to every possible exhibition.

F-Stop: The Portfolio 2019 issue of F-Stop Magazine features your project “Greyscapes,” can you tell us about this project? What led to this work?

RR: “Greyscapes” started as a way to recycle black and white pictures by experimenting with watercolour. For a couple of years, I almost only shot in black and white film. I had all these prints of vegetation taken around London and felt they needed an extra something, so I began painting over them in wild, unrealistic colours, really enjoying the process.


F-Stop: Can you discuss your creative process more generally?

RR: I enjoy experimenting with film photography. I also love a sense of mystery, simple compositions and finding beauty in what’s there.

F-Stop: Do you approach your projects in the same way as your fashion or travel work?

RR: I try to approach everything depending on what makes sense on the day, be it personal or a commission. Sometimes a subject doesn’t call for what you had in mind before shooting and you have to improvise accordingly. That’s something I enjoy. There’s a sense of adventure in exploring the world through a camera or taking someone’s portrait.


F-Stop: What photographers or other artists inspire you?

RR: Endless lists of great artists throughout time. Music has always been the main source, especially 1960s-70s rock and roll, jazz, soul, folk, psychedelia, etc. Sometimes the inspiration comes from an experience. And sometimes there’s no inspiration at all — the picture just happens and all you have to do is take it.


To see more of Ren Rox’s work visit the current Portfolio 2019 issue or renrox.com


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