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Dominique Pierre-Nina @ THE CREATIVE SPACE

Dominique Pierre-Nina: BEYOND THE SQUARE
26 February to 8 March 2020

“The evocative, dreamy and nostalgic quality of his collection are reminiscent of photography giants like Ansel Adams and Herb Ritts. Dominique has chosen to present all the photographs in a square format, inspired by his love of the famous Hasselblad camera, which shoots 6×6 square film. Hence the title “Beyond the Square”, a format that focuses the eye intensely on the subject without peripheral distraction, where vectors lead the viewer deeply into the image to invoke meanings beyond what is evident. Dom’s works include portraits, architecture, nudes, and landscapes from his travels around the world. The sequence of images suggests a journey punctuated by indifferent presences and marked absences. A journey of intense seeking and almost, but not quite finding. ”

105 Abbott Road
North Curl Curl, NSW, Australia

Location: Australia, New South Wales Type: ,

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