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MAGICAL – Art for the Children’s Room @ AnzenbergerGallery

from the project ‘Peggy Poetry’ / ‘mein Wunder geschehe’, Woman standing on water in the sunset
© Petra Rautenstrauch / Anzenberger

MAGICAL – Art for the Children’s Room
19 February to 30 April 2020

Opening: 7 March 2020 from 2 to 6PM

Artists: Tami Bone, Gilbert Garcin, Thomas Herbrich, Kacper Kowalski, Klaus Pichler, Petra Rautenstrauch, Reiner Riedler, Ferdinand Schmutzer, Helfried Valenta, Julia Wesely, Regina Anzenberger, Toni Anzenberger, and many more.

“When children are asked what kinds of things they would hang pictures of in their room, they mention animals, nature, landscapes, dancers, music, etc. These themes are not only popular among children, they also are with our artists. That’s why we decided to talk to children about the artists’ photographs and asked them to collaborate with us on an exhibition. The idea was to foster an imaginative encounter with art that would spark curiosity and stimulate creativity.”

Absberggasse 27
1100 Vienna, Austria.

Location: Austria, Vienna Type:

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