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Actual Size! Photography at Life Scale @ International Center of Photography

Image: Tanya Marcuse, Woven Nº 30, 2018, 62 x 160 inches. © Tanya Marcuse

Actual Size! Photography at Life Scale
January 28, 2022—May 2, 2022

“Actual Size! Photography at Life Scale explores what happens when a photograph is the very same size as its subject matter—when a photograph of a bus is the size of a bus, when a photograph of Muhammad Ali’s fist is its actual size, when a postcard of hail stones records their sizes for posterity. Image makers of every kind, from fine artists to advertisers, have explored the strange magic that happens when the photograph becomes an uncanny double for the world it depicts. Works by Ace Lehner, Laura Letinsky, Kija Lucas, Tanya Marcuse, Aspen Mays, Jeff Wall and others share the walls with anonymous posters, magazine spreads, and book covers.”

International Center of Photography (ICP)
79 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002

Location: New York, New York City Type:

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