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Frederik Vercruysse @ Spazio Nobile

Frederik Vercruysse: Windows
9 September until 14 November 2021

“Frederik Vercruysse invites the visitor to confront the analogue image pushed to the limit, pixelated, becoming truer to itself the closer one gets. The composition of the image becomes impressionistic and is reborn as the pointillist work of a painter with small brushstrokes. Windows thus conveys, in Vercruysse’s unique language, a body of poetic images that respond to one another.

Through the production of glass objects in collaboration with Atelier Mestdagh, a stained window glass workshop located in Merelbeke in Belgium, Spazio Nobile has also edited three new creations by Frederik Vercruysse, in limited edition. The photographs were translated into three-dimensional objects whose strength lies in the transparency and subtlety of a living material. Interplaying with invisibility and with an addition of a new layer of handmade laminated glass or mirror glass, Vercruysse explores the tridimensional and visual effects of framing and unframing his photographs.”

Spazio Nobile

Location: Belgium, Brussels Type:

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