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John Hilliard – Doug and Mike Starn @ Rolla

John Hilliard
Raising the camera towards her familiar profile, he prepared to release the shutter, 1977

John Hilliard – Doug and Mike Starn: Look Twice
11.09.2021 – 09.01.2022

“The exhibition consists of twelve works of different formats, arranged in the spaces of the former Kindergarten in a delicate and vibrant dialogue. The works belong to the private collection of Rosella and Philip Rolla.

In the catalog text, Emma Nilsson writes that the encounter between the works of John Hilliard and those of Doug and Mike Starn offer a glimpse on the comparison of two important points of view from two different generations of conceptual photography, both exploring the essence of the photographic image. ”

Stráda Végia (ex via Municipio)
6837 Bruzella, Switzerland

Location: Bruzella, Switzerland Type:

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