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Sofía Fernández Stenström @ Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo

Sofía Fernández Stenström: Inner nature
February 18, 2021 until April 17, 2021

Femininity, bare skin and nature are the leitmotifs of her artistic corpus, all of them crossed by a strong intimacy where both melancholy and fragility are explored. The monochrome representation of women is related to an exploration of personal identity. Sofia understands herself through the other. Thus photography functions as a mechanism of purification and exploration, both for the artist and the model. The use of black and white emphasizes the idea of timelessness as well as intimacy, a way for the one outside the frame, the viewer, to recognize him or herself emotionally.

Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo
Aribau 75, 08036 Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain Type:

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