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Street Photography @ Blank Wall Gallery

Bruce Berkow # USA # Madrid 1967

Street Photography
From 19 November until 1 December 2021

“Street Photography fascinates both the photographer and the viewer, as the images presented are always interesting and they often contain a strong element of surprise.

Scenes that take place in big or small cities, familiar or not to the eye of the viewer, manage to take us away and place us in the atmosphere and the psychology of the moment. Street Photography is made up of candid photos, which manage to convey this atmosphere to us, especially nowadays when the pre-Covid and Covid eras are so clearly distinguished. The details in all the photos tell the story that the photographer wants to narrate to us, what caught his attention. This is the magic of this kind of photography; while it seems relatively easy, not everyone can do it.”

Blank Wall Gallery
55 Fokionos Negri Street
Athens Greece

Location: Athens, Greece Type:

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