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Carrie Schneider @ CANDICE MADEY

Carrie Schneider: Revenge Body
September 8–October 22, 2022

Opening: Thursday, September 8, 6 to 8pm

“The longing for vengeance is inextricable from desire: feral, embodied, suffused with a need to be seen. Such desire crops a total image into a fraction of itself—zooming in on a captive subject to the point of pixelation. This urge to capture and exhaust the subject(s) is a frequent theme in Schneider’s new series of photographs, in which recurring faces transcend from feature to testament of aspiration, control, and absolution. Schneider produces analog scrambles using a camera she constructed by hand; the images layer and build through iteration and chance. Working through a tenuous process of multiple exposures, Schneider finds comfort in killing the image, the method being a subtle kind of mechanical evisceration.”

1 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002


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