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EXHIBITION: TA|DA|RÀ|NU. A Sardinian story between ethnography and anthropology.

Sardinia is a magnetic, ancient, ancestral land. A raw land that, behind its apparent dryness, hides ancient forests and sincere gazes.
Sardinia is a land that hypnotizes, overwhelms. “Kidnaps”. Ritual. Religious.


Tadaranu. Shot by Carmen Capurso.



An island whose magnificent beaches and an unrivaled sea are little if compared to its heart, to what beats inside. A land which has always existed, proud like its people who have independent origins; unique.

In July 2022, 8 people embarked on a journey that combined photography and the geographical and cultural investigation of a part of Sardinia.

Ta | da | rà | nu, in Sardinian language “spider’s web”, is the plot that was woven on the map during the exploration between the inland regions of Ogliastra and Barbagia.

They visited inhabited and non-inhabited villages, met the inhabitants of these lands and also had some of their stories told. With a hint of mystery.


Tadaranu. Shot by Walter Borghisani.


Ta | da | rà | nu is an experience that has brought 8 people very different from each other in culture and origin (London, New York, Lodi, Cremona, Varese, Parma, Bari), but united by the passion for photography, to sharing impressions and emotions in a warp.

The result is a work of comparison in which we tried to synthesize, through editing and shared choices, our points of view in a transversal story between ethnography and anthropology. And inevitable emotions.

Ta | da | rà | nu will also take place in 2023. Maybe.


Tadaranu. Shot by Marzio Toniolo.


The shots on display are by Marzio Toniolo, Cristina Gallini, Carmen Capurso, Walter Borghisani, Barbara Guarnerio, Maria Giovanna Giugliano, Mariano Biazzi Alcantara.


Part of the proceeds from the sale of the works will be donated to the Luca Noli Association, based in Sardinia, which is responsible for promoting and disseminating the culture of architecture, art and landscape through cultural events, artistic promotion and dissemination, awareness and environmental enhancement.



Tadaranu. Shot by Mariano Biazzi Alcantara


The exhibition, curated by Walter Borghisani, will take place from 22nd October, 2022 to 26th November, 2022.

Torrefazione Vittoria
Via Ferrabó 4
26100 Cremona



Tadaranu. Shot by Walter Borghisani.

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