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JUDE BROUGHAN @ Benrubi Gallery

Jude Broughan Jig of Life, Pandemic Cemetery Walk, archival inkjet print, metallic vinyl, thread, 2022

Aug 24 – Sep 30, 2022

Artist Reception: Thursday, September 15 6-8 pm

The photographs and photo-based assemblages in this exhibition draw from two series that reflect the pandemic era — Pandemic Cemetery Walks and Personal Care

The Pandemic Cemetery Walks series began April 2020 in the early days of the pandemic, when Broughan started walking in a large cemetery near her home in Brooklyn, the closest green space where she could exercise. She’s more philosophical than religious, and these walks became meditations on the rolling seasons, on grief and healing, and some social ideological questions. These photographs could maybe be seen as picture postcards from the pandemic, or contemporary memento mori. The artist sometimes questioningly lines up her shadow silhouette with gravestones and trees, bringing her physical presence into the photographs, or her focus rests in on the growing plants, and stones and other offerings placed by visitors.
    The Personal Care series documents the artist’s accoutrements of daily life, where she is consciously modifying her behaviors over time in order to live ecologically and avoid plastic packaging. Her artwork has long been concerned with the subversion of product packaging and advertising — as stated by New Zealand artist and critic Peter Dornauf “Broughan was once employed in something she now grinds her teeth over. In a former life as graphic designer she was involved in the seduction of the image and manipulation of its surface glamour to sell goods. In reaction to this her oeuvre now seems to be preoccupied with a deliberate disruption of the visual lies perpetrated in the name of commerce”.  But now, rather than abstracting and indexing, she is taking a more direct route, and aims to remove the product packaging altogether.

Benrubi Gallery
529 West 20th Street · Floor 8 · New York · New York · 10011

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