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Mous Lamrabat @ Foam

Mashallah with extra cheese, 2021 © Mous Lamrabat / Loft Art Gallery

Mous Lamrabat: Blessings from Mousganistan
28 May – 12 October 2022

“Beauty and a sense of hope are central to Lamrabat’s work. His photographs are playful and surrealistic, every so often subtly provocative, but always vibrant and fun. His work is exhilarating and at times a confronting fusion of his diasporic life, using beauty and humour to create powerful new narratives related to sensitive issues like racism, religion and women’s rights. In Blessings from Mousganistan, the artist shares a message of love through a colourful and eclectic visual experience.”

Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Type:

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