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@ Praxis Gallery

©Nicole Houff – Longboard Kens

June 18TH – July 2ND, 2022

Opening Reception 6-8PM, Saturday June 18TH, 2022

Praxis Gallery presents an exhibit that portrays and parodies societal gender assumptions – playing with interpretations of conventional and absurd social tropes. Expressed through fantastic, plastic dolls, Nicole’s exhibit creates an interpretive playground that will both entertain and resonate with audiences from all gender perspectives.

Plus two other exhibitions
THE ABSTRACT IMAGE • Juried by Ross Anderson
Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that explore the world through an abstracted lens; utilizing elements of color, light, shadow, texture, shape and line to express meaning outside of traditional representational and documentary styles of photography.

FOOD ~ THE AFTERMATH • Curated by Praxis Directors
Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that that explore any possible concept of the aftermath of food, whether it be food waste, the culture surrounding food, or meal remnants. This is not a normal food photography exhibition.

Praxis Gallery
2637 27th Ave. S.
(NW Corner of Ivy Arts Parking Lot) Minneapolis, MN 55406.

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