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RETRO SUMMER @ Benrubi Gallery

Roger Steffens/ The Family Acid, Joan Didion in Berkeley, August 1972

JUL 7 – AUG 12, 2022

““Retro Summer” is a collection of our favorite images. From Hugh Holland’s carefree street portraits of the young men who birthed skateboarding and its devil may care culture, to Roger Steffen’s incomparable eye that lays bare in visual form the spirit of the late 1960’s that changed our world forever, to LeRoy Grannis and the athletic wonder that became surfing. These are images that have shaped how we collectively imagine and remember our American summer. A grainy nostalgia of a moment lost and longed for but always slightly beyond our grasp, a corner of our memories. Paul Fusco’s “RFK Funeral Train” (June 8th, 1968) one of the most exceptional bodies of work of the late 20th century, strikes a powerful note now as we take stock of our divided country and look back at an equally painful time. Perhaps we can rediscover a sense of hope amidst the loss and love in each of these works.”

Benrubi Gallery
529 West 20th Street

Location: New York, New York City Type:

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