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Yoko Ikeda @ IBASHO

Yoko Ikeda: Contrepoint
3 December 2022 until 22 January 2023

“Yoko Ikeda transforms mundane scenes of the everyday into ​ poetic, fragile, almost ephemeral images. She has the extraordinary ability to see the beauty in seemingly meaningless objects and to elevate them to beautiful precious subjects in her photographs. Her images show respect for every little element that forms our big world.

Ikeda’s unusual images, containing lightness and humour, triggers the viewer’s imagination. She experiments with unusual view points and focus, and plays with shadows, colours, lines and textures. One could easily associate the reflections of light on a dull, grey wall with some windows in an anonymous city in one of Ikeda’s photographs with comical legs in white trousers that stand and walk.”

Tolstraat 23, 2000
Antwerp, Belgium

Location: Antwerp, Belgium Type:

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